PrankEinstein Silly and Clever Pranks for Kids: Awesome Not Mean Just Fun Prank Ideas! (Paperback)

PrankEinstein Silly and Clever Pranks for Kids: Awesome Not Mean Just Fun Prank Ideas! By Laughing Lion Cover Image
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Are your kids forever glued to their gadget's screens?

Do you find yourself wishing for times when everyone is joking around, having fun, and chatting about the silly stuff they've seen or done in school or with friends?

It's never too late to allow your kids to experience that.

To encourage them to set aside their gadgets.

Stretch their arms and legs, and let their creativity and imagination soar high with this book.

The Laughing Lion aim is for kids to create great memories and great stories to tell to, and talk about with, their families, and friends.

That's what PrankEinstein is all about It's the book that you'll want to give to your kids to help them discover the world of practical jokes and tricks.

It contains the best selection of silly and clever pranks, including:

  • Prank-Biotics, or the easy level tricks that kids can do on their own
  • Lab Cooks Up, the intermediate level pranks which kids will be needing a few materials to pull it off with
  • Atomic Bonds or the difficult level. Adult assistance is required.


Every reader can get the audiobook of this (and many other) Laughing Lion for Free Sign up inside the book.

Promote resourcefulness and imagination in your kids, social interaction, and laughter at home with PrankEinstein.

It's guaranteed to bring out the Einstein prankster in your kids.

So if you want to let your kids be kids while learning to grow in creativity, scroll up now and click "Add to Cart".

Product Details
ISBN: 9780995884724
ISBN-10: 0995884722
Publisher: Laughing Lion
Publication Date: November 12th, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English