Discover Heaven: A Practical Guide to Finding God and Salvation (Paperback)

Discover Heaven: A Practical Guide to Finding God and Salvation By S. M. Smith Cover Image
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Discover Heaven: A Practical Guide to Finding God & Salvation

Discover Heaven provides powerful, inspirational truth with short, quick verses to feed your heart, soul, and mind, allowing you to apply the wisdom and knowledge to your personal life immediately. You can find your true life purpose in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed Son of God.

This book includes the vision God gave S.M. Smith who, in this book, shares how you can renew and transform your life, build yourself up to be ready for your divine opportunities, and live the life God meant for you.

Through reading Discover Heaven, you can:
- Achieve success with confidence by following divine principles and a proven guide that works
- Learn how to get to heaven when your life on earth is over
- Transform your life from doubt to belief
- Attain your highest, truest purpose
- Discover better steps for justification, sanctification, and redemption in Christ Jesus
- Master how Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God, equips you with God's armor
- Educate yourself to know God, love God, and live peacefully as a Christian
- Understand that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is essential to pleasing God
- Appreciate God as the perfect creator of the universe - omnipotent, omnipresent,
and omniscient
- Come to know that Heaven is the New Jerusalem, and that will happen at the Second Coming of Christ
- Create your best life on earth and in heaven

Author S.M. Smith is an early childhood educator and a Sunday school teacher at the Southeast Church of Christ. S.M. Smith has four sons and two grandchildren and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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ISBN: 9780995397026
ISBN-10: 0995397023
Publisher: Bible Press
Publication Date: March 28th, 2019
Pages: 84
Language: English