Blue Movie (Hardcover)

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Seventy-seven scenes from the life of a sexual outlaw. A horror show come to life, BLUE MOVIE reveals the the brutal unmaking of a human, the terrifying collapse of hope, and the drug-fueled spiral leading to disaster.

BLUE MOVIE is one written and cast from the darkest corners of the Internet. In it, readers will witness the brutal unmaking of a human, the terrifying collapse of hope, and the drug-fueled spiral leading to disaster. A sadistic Nazi, a dungeon death, and an arrest for murder are just a few of the shocking moments in this collection of nearly 80 scenes from the life of a sexual outlaw. And, of course, there are surprises around every corner, including a naked, wandering, and blood-covered zombie on the sidewalks of Brooklyn. Stephan Ferris, an activist attorney also known as gay adult star Blue Bailey, stares down the devil--himself--and gets his hellish existence refocused on recovery and serving his community. But are the monsters gone? Has the terror ended? We are left knowing only that everything could shatter into shards in one white cloud of smoke.

BLUE MOVIE is harrowing, heartbreaking, unsparing, and will tell others like us they are not alone.-- Alexander Cheves, author MY LOVE IS A BEAST: CONFESSIONS

This book is a rare one. In fact, it is raw in every way . . . and will not disappoint. Truly riveting.--Race Bannon, Author and community leader

. . . this haunting tale will go viral . . . Ferris reminds us that humans will do desperate, comical, and even dangerous things to find community.--Amp Somers, Sex educator and co-host, Watts the Safeword

Stephan Ferris throws us into the fire in his brutally honest and unapologetic true story of hedonistic self-destruction and great personal triumph.-- Sister Roma, Award-winning drag queen activist and entertainer

Ferris is the hero we need in the movement to reclaim sex and pleasure as expressions of radical authenticity, and his story is an inspiration.--Phillip L. Hammack, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz

. . . a courageously candid account of . . . a sexual outlaw, addict finding recovery, and lawyer establishing a professional identity . . . This book will be both a challenge and a comfort.--Morris Ratner, Provost, Academic Dean, and Professor, University of California Hastings College of Law

Literary Nonfiction. Essay. LGBTQ+ Studies.

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ISBN: 9780991378074
ISBN-10: 0991378075
Publisher: Unbound Edition Press
Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 187
Language: English