The Red Dot Club (Paperback)

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Experience a journey through the intense desperation, confusion and emotions of lawmen and lawwomen as they are being shot and savagely and tenaciously fight for their lives. Warning If you have a heart condition these stories are not for you. You will live these horrific life and death encounters millisecond-by-millisecond and bullet-by-bullet as experienced by those who survived them. "If you want to know what it is like to be in a gunfight, then this is a must read. It is a compelling, and true to life compilation of harrowing, not to be forgotten true events. Chilling " -Deputy Willie Robinson, 31 years Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, 17 years Special Enforcement Bureau. "The stories will rip your heart out. Shockingly explosive and gritty It does not get more real than this. This is a tale of courageous and women of morals, values and principles. Once you start reading you won't be able to continue...and you won't be able to stop." - Lieutenant Gregory Saunders, 34 years Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, 14 years Special Enforcement Bureau.

About the Author

Robert is a native of Los Angeles. He had his own business at eighteen. Seeking adventure, and a strong desire to help his fellowman, he sold his business at twenty-five and joined the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Thirteen years later, after numerous on duty injuries, mostly bullets, he medically retired as a detective. He then traveled the world protecting princes and princesses originating from three different countries. The royals stopped traveling and Robert found himself in a new career outside of banks with the sole purpose of stopping armed bank robberies, more bullets. He is currently a civilian investigator for a major police department conducting pre-hire peace officer background investigations, not so many bullets. Married twice, he is now womanless but has three sons. He still resides in Los Angeles but loves the forest. He'd like you to buy a couple of his books so he can move there...(watch with his luck you'll buy the books, he'll move to the forest and get shot by a hunter, stray bullets).
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ISBN: 9780990317357
ISBN-10: 0990317358
Publisher: Robert Rangel
Publication Date: July 25th, 2014
Pages: 254
Language: English