Trust-Based Leadership: Marine Corps Leadership Concepts for Today's Business Leaders (Hardcover)

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This 574 page book details how the author effectively adapted and applied Marine Corps leadership concepts while serving as a business leader-and how he leverages the Trust-Based Leadership(TM) model to help others become World-Class Leaders.

Section I - Marine Corps Leadership

This section covers time-tested Marine Corps Leadership philosophies and concepts that have proven to be effective in the business world. Topics covered include:

  • The Marine Mindset
  • Teacher-Scholar 360 Concept
  • The 5 Laws of Leadership
  • The 5 Pillars of Leadership
  • The 3 Main Responsibilities of Leaders
  • Leadership's 3 "Secret Weapons"

Section II - Trust-Based Leadership(TM)

Retiring from the Marine Corps in 1998, Mike quickly became a C-level executive in a publicly traded company. He's captured his knowledge and lessons learned in the Trust-Based Leadership(TM) model and uses it to teach business leaders how to maximize their potential and gain a competitive edge. Topics covered include:

  • 10 Enabling Concepts of Trust-Based Leadership(TM)
  • Mission Tactics & Commander's Intent
  • The 2 Types of Friction
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Common Operating Language

Section III - The Trust-Based Leader

Successfully implementing The Trust-Based Leadership(TM) model requires a specific type of leader willing to adopt and develop the key leadership qualities, traits, and techniques discussed in great detail in this section. Topics covered include:

  • 10 Key Attributes of the Trust-Based Leader
  • Authority vs Responsibility
  • Decisiveness in Chaotic Environments
  • Trust, Delegation and Supervision
  • Esprit de Corps: Developing Team Players
  • The "Leaders Eat Last" Philosophy
  • The 3 Leadership Styles

Section IV - Lessons Learned

An enlightening series of anecdotes that convey leadership lessons Mike has learned on the battlefield and in the boardroom. Topics covered include:

  • The Leadership Epiphany (Why You Must Have It NOW )
  • Top 10 Reasons Leaders Succeed
  • Top 10 Reasons Leaders Fail
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • The 3 Big Questions (The Best Leaders Ask Them )
  • The 4 Words of Confidence and 6 Words of Destruction

Section V - Leadership Articles

These articles provide real-world examples of how Marine Corps leadership concepts have been applied in Corporate America. Based upon Mike's personal experiences, they help others learn how they can effectively utilize the Trust-Based Leadership(TM) model in their unique environments. Topics covered include:

  • Ettore's Rules: 24 Rules for Leadership Success
  • Coping with Adversity, Setbacks, and Disappointments
  • The 5 Leadership "Blind Spots" (And How to Avoid Them )
  • Having "Tough Conversations" and Conflict Resolution
  • Developing and Mentoring Other Leaders

Mike is highly regarded for his unique ability to help leaders rapidly elevate their skills as they create and sustain high-performance teams. He wrote this book to help leaders at all levels maximize their potential and become World Class Leaders.

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