Inner Worlds of Jewish Prayer (Hardcover)

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The instinct to pray is as ancient as instinct itself. Our deepest yearnings coalesce and emerge as prayer. Prayer itself has taken on countless forms, from offerings to song, words to whispers, tearful supplication to sublime silence. And so it continues to merge and emerge, at times as primitive and raw as a cry for help, at times, a formulaic equation intended to effect change, - but always, flowing from a place deep within, and forever with a hope for a better future. While attention is paid to the poetry, history, theology and contextual meaning of the prayer text within these pages, the intention of this work is to provide a guide to finding meaning and effecting transformation through our prayer experience. Explore: What happens when we pray, Entering the mind-state of prayer, Incorporating the body into prayer, Understanding our role in prayer, Techniques to enhance and deepen our prayer and make it a transformative experience. In this empowering and inspiring text, Rav Pinson demonstrates how through proper mindset, preparation and dedication, the experience of prayer can be deeply transformative and ultimately, life-altering.
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ISBN: 9780989007221
ISBN-10: 0989007227
Publisher: Iyyun Publishing
Publication Date: March 25th, 2014
Pages: 504
Language: English