There's Ability in Disability! (Paperback)

There's Ability in Disability! By F. Robertson (Illustrator), F. Robertson Cover Image
By F. Robertson (Illustrator), F. Robertson
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Today, Fred discovers that a neighborhood pet with only three legs has skills which Fred himself doesn't have. When children hear this inspiring tale, they'll love the message that everyone has ability. ABILITY stands for "A Blessing Is Living Inside Talented You." Do you ever wonder what our pets are saying that we don't hear? Welcome to the neighborhood - where the mailboxes look like lollipops and the pets talk about their days - right here on this chalkboard Fluffy is a cat with a lot to learn Fred's a dog who knows about as much. It's a good thing Grey lives next door Grey has the wisdom of many years. Although James and other children do live on Lollipop Way(R), we mostly hear what their pets have to say At bedtime ... or anytime.

About the Author

F. Robertson is the author & illustrator of the Lollipop Way series of children's books. These modern day fables introduce kids to important topics, which are explained through the perspective of the PETS in the neighborhood. Some characters - Fluffy, Fred and Grey - sprung from the nightly bedtime stories she told her son when he was a little boy. While she was growing up, the author lived in five countries and always loved maps. So, fittingly, she poured details into the neighborhood map featured in each book. Most story pages feature a new highlighted word which is reinforced by pictorial design. What's her favorite part of being an author? "When parents and grandparents tell me that these books made their little ones really WANT to read. That is exhilarating to me."
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ISBN: 9780986226441
ISBN-10: 0986226440
Publisher: F. Robertson Studios, LLC
Publication Date: October 1st, 2015
Pages: 28
Language: English