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The lucrative discovery of Rare Earth minerals in Northern Canada by a maverick geologist, Yakov, pits man against political faction and technology in the sub-Arctic wilderness. The ultimate safety of Yakov rests on an unlikely accomplice named Robb, a youthful scientist, and a Mountie, Trakalo, whose frontier posting renders him vulnerable to intrusions from ruthless forces. Robb is no super-sleuth. Lured from academic study, he provides technical expertise to the US government in the advancing Rare Earth economies. When Robb proposes a Rare Earth angle to a political assassination his world is upended. To survive, he must connect with Yakov and discover why the Rare Earth find is crucial.

About the Author

Harry Marku is the pen name of a Livermore, CA scientist working in the fields of alternative energy, whose novel is inspired in part by the characters and stories he experienced growing up in the Ukrainian and Romanian immigrant communities of the Western Canadian prairies. Although remotely settled and seemingly mundane, the people of this dying immigrant culture were larger than life, having survived wars, depression and want after risking their lives to escape across the Atlantic to forge a future in the New World. They were hard as nails, a trait well suited to surviving the harsh and unforgiving climate of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Drawing on his workplace experiences as well, Marku explores scientific and social themes in his book, such as the rejection of science as mere hypothesis and devaluation of the human individual in the present economy. Rare Earth is available on e-book at www.amazon.com and www.smashwords.com and in print from www.amazon.com. To learn more about the author, visit www.HarryMarku.com
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ISBN: 9780984364626
ISBN-10: 0984364625
Publisher: Mohyla
Publication Date: July 1st, 2012
Pages: 346
Language: English