Līhu'e: Root and Branch of a Hawai'i Town (Hardcover)

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Līhu'e, Kaua'i is both representative of and uniquely different from other communities in Hawai'i. Its origins are rooted in the early days of the sugar industry. Over time, this once obscure hamlet branched out to become the island's county seat, commercial core, and transport hub--the "Heart of Kaua'i." Līhu'e: Root and Branch of a Hawai'i Town traces that history from its beginnings to the present day.

This extensively researched yet engagingly written account presents a vivid picture of the town's vernacular landscape--the built environment and the people who shaped it. Līhu'e spotlights visionaries and scoundrels, leaders and laborers, and entrepreneurs from East and West. The varied architecture they produced during the past hundred-plus years provides a concrete foundation for the interpretation of those people's impacts and their institutions' evolution.

A wealth of images throughout the book and the inclusion of chapters about the once predominant mill, the impact of the automobile era in the 20th century, and the urban planning efforts of both plantation and government add breadth and depth to this noteworthy addition to the historical literature of Hawai'i.
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ISBN: 9780970329394
ISBN-10: 0970329393
Publisher: Kauai Historical Society
Publication Date: December 31st, 2014
Pages: 384
Language: English