Scam!: Inside America's Con Artist Clans (Paperback)

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Scam focuses on one family of Irish Traveler con artists and, in the process, explores and details the full range of the ethic clans, uncovering America's most secret crime families in a true store of swindles, betrayal and murder. The book even provides intimate details about the Travelers' secret lifestyles while it outlines their wide range of scams against Americans. Movie rights to the book were sold to Disney Studios, but no movie has yet been produced.

About the Author

Don Wright is regarded as the nation's leading authority on ethnic con artists who call themselves Irish and Scottish Travelers. He has been investigating -- and talking with -- clan members for more than 25 years. He has put on seminars and given keynote speeches on the topic for police departments, civic groups and law enforcement associations all around the country. He continues to have a personal relationship with a large number of active con artists and their families.
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