Lost Egypt, Volume II (Hardcover)

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These limited edition photographic prints are from the Epigraphic Survey's unique archive of over eight hundred large-format glass plate negatives, which were taken in Egypt between 1880 and 1930, and which provide an extraordinary impression of the land and people of the Nile Valley as they appeared before the onset of the modern era. The prints are of considerable interest as examples of photography produced for early travelers to the Nile Valley, and some bear the signatures of the well-known nineteenth century photographers Zangaki and A. Beato. Production of the series is limited to just 200 copies of each volume. This portfolio volume contains ten prints: Temple of Abu Simbel; The Nile during Inundation; Femme turque, by Zangaki; Tomb of Sety I; Bishareen Family Portrait, by Zangaki; Tomb of Sennofer; Ptolemy VIII at Kom Ombo; The Ozymandias Colossus at the Ramesseum; Temple of Amun at Karnak; Colossus of Ramesses II at Luxor Temple
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ISBN: 9780918986894
ISBN-10: 0918986893
Publisher: Oriental Institute Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 1992
Pages: 10
Language: English
Series: Lost Egypt