Skating Over Thin Ice (Paperback)

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Imogen St Pierre is a musical prodigy, a classical pianist touring the international concert halls in a trio with her father and grandfather. Though clearly accomplished, she is also painfully awkward socially, getting lost in the music even after it's over. Imogen's in the final year in a private boarding school where she meets a boy of the same age, Nathan McCormick, who turns out to be the "Next Great Hockey Player." Nathan, however, has recently been penalized for a vicious fight in an international tournament. Imogen and Nathan don't exactly become an item, but there's an elusive special quality to their connection. Jean Mills has given us a thoughtful, moving, powerful story about what it's like to be gifted and exceptional -- and still young.

About the Author

Jean Mills is the author of four novels for young adult readers including Wild Dog Summer and The Legacy. She lives in Guelph, Ontario.
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ISBN: 9780889955615
ISBN-10: 0889955611
Publisher: Red Deer Press
Publication Date: September 11th, 2018
Pages: 301
Language: English