Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design (Paperback)

Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design By Vukota Boljanovic Cover Image
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Written by an engineer with decades of practical manufacturing experience, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and is a complete modern guide to sheet metal forming processes and die design - still the most commonly used methodology for the mass-production manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, and complex high-precision parts. Included are the "hows" and "whys" of product analysis, as well as the techniques for blanking, punching, bending, deep drawing, stretching, material economy, strip design, movement of metal during stamping, and tooling. Its focus is on simple, applicable engineering methods rather than complex numerical techniques.
Part I: Theoretical Fundamentals - The Structure of Materials. Mechanical Behavior of Metals.
Part II: Manufacturing Procesess - Searing Process. Blanking and Punching. Bending. Deep Drawing. Various Forming Processes. Part III: Die Design - Basic Die Classifications and Components. Blanking and Punching Dies. Bending Dies. Deep Drawing Dies. Various Forming Dies. Tool and Die Materials. Quick Die Change Systems and Die Design. Appendix 1: Blank Diameter of Drawn Shells. Appendix 2: Metric System Tolerances. Appendix 3: Miscellaneous Information. Appendix 4: Technical Specifications of the Helical and Belleville Springs. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.
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ISBN: 9780831134921
ISBN-10: 0831134925
Publisher: Industrial Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2014
Pages: 320
Language: English