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The incendiary image of the title refers to letters too painful to contemplate for long. Burn This is about the pain of loss, the pain of love, and the cost in pain to be a great artist. It is both larger in implication and more personal than previous plays by Wilson. Yet it is also typical, in that it is about a tightly knit family-like group into which an outsider comes. The center of the play is Anna, a dancer, whose partner has died accidently, who must grieve and get on with her art. The catalyst character is the dead man's brother, Pale, a wild man in his passionate grief, and the center of cyclonic emotions for Anna and her friends. Anna creates an important ballet out of her agony, and Pale brings her to love. Searing.

3 men, 1 woman
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ISBN: 9780822216254
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service
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Pages: 68