The Best of Gene Wolfe: A Definitive Retrospective of His Finest Short Fiction (Paperback)

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"One of the literary giants of science fiction."
--The Denver Post

"Wolfe is a sophisticated stylist, and has more in common with writers such as Jorge Luis Borges than almost any science fiction writer both in terms of craft and themes."
—The Boston Globe

Gene Wolfe, of whom the Washington Post said, "Of all SF writers currently active none is held in higher esteem," has selected the short fiction he considers his best into one volume.

There are many award nominees and winners among the thirty-one stories here, and many that have been selected for various Year's Best anthologies over the last forty years, including "Petting Zoo," "The Tree Is My Hat," "The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories," "The Hero as Werwolf," "Seven American Nights," "The Fifth Head of Cerberus," "The Detective of Dreams," and "A Cabin on the Coast." Gene Wolfe has produced possibly the finest and most significant body of short fiction in the SF and fantasy field in the last forty years, and is certainly among the great living writers to emerge from the genres. This is the first retrospective collection of his entire career. It is for the ages.

"Gene Wolfe is the smartest, subtlest, most dangerous writer alive today."
--Neil Gaiman

About the Author

Gene Wolfe (1931-2019) was the Nebula Award-winning author of The Book of the New Sun tetralogy in the Solar Cycle, as well as the World Fantasy Award winners The Shadow of the Torturer and Soldier of Sidon. He was also a prolific writer of distinguished short fiction, which has been collected in such award-winning volumes as Storeys from the Old Hotel and The Best of Gene Wolfe.

A recipient of the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award, and six Locus Awards, among many other honors, Wolfe was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2007, and named Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2012.

Praise For…

“The Best of Gene Wolfe reflects his great versatility as a stylist, introducing me not to another side of Gene Wolfe, but to a great variety of other sides. . . . Wolfe stands out as a major figure in contemporary science fiction and fantasy.” —Vector

“If every contemporary sf writer bar one were to be wiped out, it's a fair bet that Gene Wolfe would top many lists of who should be saved. . . . An essential addition to any sf library.” —Interzone

“Wolfe mixes pulp adventure, ghost stories, and noir with self-reference, meta-fiction, unreliable narrators, and puns. . . . A highly flattering career retrospective of a postmodern fabulist disguised as a mild-mannered SF writer.” —Publishers Weekly

“Wolfe is the best and smartest writer ever to write pulp science fiction and fantasy. . . . You need this collection of 20th Century Wolfe, and we can only hope we'll see the 21st Century Wolfe collected before too long as well. And yes, this one is essential.” —Jonathan Strahan

“There are all kinds of stories in this collection, from adventure to meta-fiction to SF noir. . . . here are so many really strong stories in the collection that anyone who loves reading, much less whether they usually enjoy speculative fiction or not, would be crazy not to check it out. Highly recommended.” —SFRevu

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