A Sport and a Pastime (Hardcover)

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For luminous, masterful, unabashedly beautiful writing, behold James Salter. I read this book, and then I read it again. And again. And again. Each time it yielded something new—to quote the novel, “like memorizing the reflections of a diamond. The slightest movement and an entirely new brilliance appears.” The premise is simple: a handsome young American and his girlfriend drive around provincial France and make love. But no one writes sex like Salter—it’s primordial and transcendent and awkward and gorgeous and scary and sad. Think Hemingway with a heart.

— Maddie


A Sport and a Pastime is an astonishing performance, the classic novel from a remarkable writer whose sentences bristle with singular passion. Salter chronicles a love affair between a young shopgirl and an American college dropout against the backdrop of provincial France. The narrators cool distillation of events -- real or imagined -- makes the book both lyrical, and tightly, dangerously pitched.
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ISBN: 9780679601562
Publisher: Modern Library
Publication Date: May 1st, 1995