Your Resilient Brain: How hearing loss impacts cognitive decline, and nine powerful ways to overcome it (Paperback)

Your Resilient Brain: How hearing loss impacts cognitive decline, and nine powerful ways to overcome it By Andrew Campbell Cover Image
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Did you know hearing loss has been identified as the #1 modifiable risk factor for the development of dementia? In addition to treating hearing loss, what else can be done to help prevent cognitive decline?

Research shows that the efficient and healthy functioning of our minds may be contingent on dealing with hearing issues. The Author Andrew Campbell became an audiologist because he saw the potential to dramatically change people's lives by addressing hearing loss.

Hearing loss is not just an issue for the ears, the impacts run deep and wide. As the hearing centres of the brain are intertwined with memory and other cognitive functions, the consequences of untreated hearing loss can be far reaching.

The approach in Your Resilient Brain is holistic because ears don't exist in a vacuum. Maintaining a healthy mind and body affects our hearing health and vice versa. When communication is stifled, we struggle in the darkness to connect. Social disconnectedness affects everything - the way we feel about ourselves, our cognitive and physical health; and round and round it goes.

Your Resilient Brain offers the keys to retaining the faculties to live a fulfilled and happy life by offering powerful scientifically backed modalities to improve and maintain cognitive, physical and mental health.

About the author, Andrew Campbell

Independent adult rehabilitation specialist audiologist, Andrew Campbell, is a pioneer in the field of cognitive health and hearing. His passion is for helping patients return to fuller participation in life. As a leader in hearing health care and audiological sciences, Andrew takes a holistic approach to hearing health. He inspires audiences across the world with his message that dealing with hearing issues will help save your brain so you can live a flourishing life, without limitation.

Praise for the book

I didn't expect I'd be on the brink of tears after reading a book about ears. There are many deep, powerful messages in this generous book that touch more than the ears and what's between them. This is a book about being human and living your best life. - Dr. Adele Varcoe

Everyone talks about making sure we stay physically active once we get to over 50, but almost nobody talks about keeping our minds in tip-top condition and how we might go about it. Your Resilient Brain bridges the gap, with particular reference to the surprising links between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline. Michael Smith

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ISBN: 9780645259803
ISBN-10: 0645259802
Publisher: Hearing and Brain Health Academy
Publication Date: November 29th, 2021
Pages: 198
Language: English