The Weibull Bible: Grasping Analysis for Engineers & Scientists (Paperback)

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The Weibull Bible by Paul F. Watson, is a Weibull statistical analysis book presenting effective data analysis methods for engineers, geologists, agricultural scientists, medical researchers and others. When Standard Normal methods prove inadequate, Weibull analysis provides a powerful alternative. This book explains both how to do analysis and why these methods work. Powerful and newly developed methods including the Linear Conjecture and others are also explained and justified.

Conceptual and mathematical explanations of why Weibull methods work are based on small data set examples. Meaningful concepts and method justification are explained without relying on advanced mathematics. Mathematical proofs and other reference material is provided in appendices.

Major Weibull Topics Include:

Discussion of stochastic processes and data

Distinguishing between deterministic and stochastic data

Discussion of Probability Density and Cumulative Density Functions

Presentation of the Weibull Plot method for characterizing a population

Discussion and examples of Weibull Plots "gone wrong"

Examination of two and three parameter Weibull equations

Explanations and examples of making predictions using Weibull equations

Discussion of Weibull Analysis used for Reliability & Maintainability Engineering

Weibull Software Introduction

The Weibull Bible is intended for readers with a background that includes Calculus I, some familiarity with the Standard Normal "Bell Curve", and the ability to use spreadsheets. (208 words)

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ISBN: 9780578280615
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Publisher: Paul Watson
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 294
Language: English