Relativity and Common Sense: A New Approach to Einstein (Paperback)

Relativity and Common Sense: A New Approach to Einstein By Hermann Bondi Cover Image
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This radically reoriented and popular presentation of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity derives its concepts from Newtonian ideas rather than by opposing them. Sir Hermann Bondi explains the concepts of force, momentum, rotation, sound, and light and their relation to velocity. He then demonstrates that time is relative rather than absolute, that high speeds affect the nature of time, and that acceleration affects speed, time, and mass. Very little mathematics is required, and 60 illustrations augment the text.

About the Author

Mathematician and cosmologist Sir Hermann Bondi (1919-2005) is best known for developing the steady state theory of the universe with Fred Hoyle and Thomas Gold as an alternative to the Big Bang theory. His most lasting legacy, however, will probably be his important contributions to the theory of general relativity.
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ISBN: 9780486240213
ISBN-10: 0486240215
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: March 16th, 2012
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: New Approach to Einstein