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This new edition of the critically acclaimed Handbook of LaboratoryHealth and Safety was designed to help safety officers, laboratorymanagers, principal investigators, and laboratory workers bring labhealth and safety into the twenty-first century. It does this bypresenting a timely, complete, and easy-to-implement approach toensuring a workplace that is safe for its workers as well as thesurrounding community. Further, the handbook lays out guidelines tohelp laboratories comply with the requirements set by OSHA, theEPA, FDA, DOT, DEA, and other relevant regulatory agencies.

While the overall philosophy that made the first edition sosuccessful has remained the same, the book has been extensivelyrevised and updated to reflect all new regulations and technicaladvances that have occurred in the field over the past five years.In addition, this Second Edition now features a multitude of sampleforms, checklists, protocols, and other valuable documents thatwill become an indispensable part of any laboratory health andsafety management program.

A valuable reference tool for those seeking detailed informationand guidance on specific safety and health issues, Handbook ofLaboratory Health and Safety, Second Edition is also much more. Byproviding a set of clear, easy-to-follow guidelines that serve as arational framework for creating site-specific health and safetyrequirements, it, in effect, arms laboratory managers with a solidfoundation upon which to build--or reengineer--a comprehensiveprogram for identifying, managing, and controlling health andsafety hazards in the laboratory. All of the authors' recommendedguidelines are clearly presented in the section entitled "SuggestedLaboratory Health and Safety Guidelines." Each chapter of thehandbook refers to the relevant sections of the SuggestedGuidelines, explains the basis for the recommendations, andprovides guidance on how to comply. Offering a feasible, easilyimplemented approach to designing and maintaining a safe workplace, Handbook of Laboratory Health and Safety is an indispensable toolfor all those responsible for safeguarding the health and safety oflab workers and the residents of the ambient community.

"R. Scott Stricoff...and Douglas B. Walters...have assembledinformation from a variety of sources that is not easily availableelsewhere....This is a useful book." -- Chemical & EngineeringNews

"...provides a useful contribution and will be a welcome additionto the laboratory safety adviser's library....the authors' breadthof knowledge and expertise gives a genuine sense of authority tothe information given." -- Chemistry and Industry

"...useful for laboratory managers and safety officers who are incharge of the safety of workplaces, but it is also useful forlaboratory architects and designers, supervisors, and others incharge of planning safe laboratories. Employees will also findinformation on the handling of toxic samples andchemicals....Although the book follows American standards andregulations, its interest may be considered worldwide. The book isespecially useful in practical safety work because it explainsthoroughly how to build a safe and pleasant laboratory and how tomaintain its safety." -- Scandinavian Journal of Work Environmentand Health.

About the Author

R. Scott Stricoff is Vice President of Safety and EnvironmentalHealth for Arthur D. Little, Inc. as well as a Certified IndustrialHygienist and Certified Safety Professional. He earned a bachelor'sdegree in chemical engineering from MIT and an MBA fromNortheastern University. Mr. Stricoff is the author and coauthor ofnumerous publications in the field of occupational health andsafety. Douglas B. Walters, PhD, is the Head of Laboratory Health andSafety in the National Toxicology Program of the National Instituteof Environmental Health Sciences. Dr. Walters earned his doctoratein chemistry from the University of Georgia and is a CertifiedSafety Professional. He is the author of Health and Safety forToxicity Testing and Safe Handling of Chemical Carcinogens, as wellas numerous health- and safety-related publications.
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Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Publication Date: April 3rd, 1995
Pages: 480
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