Egypt During the Sadat Years (Hardcover)

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Kirk Beattie presents a fresh look at Egyptian politics during the Sadat presidency. Beginning with an examination of the political and economic situation bequeathed by Nasser, he describes Sadat's succession to the presidency and his consolidation of power. His analysis focuses on Sadat's effort to chart a new political and economic path, including the daring October 1973 war, liberalization of Egypt's political economy, the January 1977 food riots, and peace with Israel. Simultaneously, Beattie highlights the important obstacles presented by intra-regime, civilian, and foreign opponents to Sadat's various political and economic development strategies, explaining the factors that led to Sadat's assassination. Based on hundred of interviews with key actors representing diverse political viewpoints, this book provides insight into government and opposition behavior during Sadat's presidency.
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ISBN: 9780333946688
ISBN-10: 0333946685
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
Publication Date: December 15th, 2000
Pages: 354
Language: English