Whispers in the Breeze (Paperback)

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When ancient traditions are broken, spirits are called upon. The ancestors are furious as their deep slumber is disturbed. To their despair, chaos, mayhem and unjust, greets them on their resurrection. When the two rightful heirs mysteriously disappear, the scales of justice and order are off balance and unpredictable.

Wango and his son Zengie are of royal blood, destined to join the line of successors as their forefathers before them.

Wango and his wife Mallee were the protectors of Zengie and the Wangoorie tribe. Now, Mallee is alone, vulnerable and in danger. Will she find strength and gain her freedom from the manipulative clutches of the evil Zulu?

Follow this intriguing mystery as trust is shattered and lives are ruined. Survival is the key to unlocking the past and building a future, where the foundations of the Wangoorie tribe depend on the survival of humanity.

Will balance and stability return to reclaim peace and harmony of the Wangoorie people? Read on, and solve the mystery of the missing kings.

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ISBN: 9780228890171
ISBN-10: 0228890179
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: April 28th, 2023
Pages: 134
Language: English