Making Time for Making Music: How to Bring Music Into Your Busy Life (Paperback)

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Are you a former music-maker who yearns to return to music, but aren't sure where to begin? Or are you a person who never played music as a child but you are now curious about trying? You're not alone. Many adults who used to play an instrument haven't touched it in years because either they
can't find the time to practice, are afraid their skills are too rusty, or are unsure of what kind of group they could join. Others are afraid to sing or start playing an instrument because they received negative feedback from childhood experiences. Performing, practicing, and composing music may
seem like unattainable goals with insurmountable obstacles for busy adults with non-musical careers.

Making Time for Making Music can help adults find ways to make music part of their lives. The first book of its kind, it is filled with real-life success stories from more than 350 adults who manage to fit music-making into their jam-packed schedules. They polished rusty skills, found musical groups
to join, and are having a great time. Their testimonies prove that you are never too old to learn to make music, and that there are numerous musical paths to explore. Featuring advice from dozens of music educators, health care professionals, and music researchers who point out that making music can
even be good for your health as well as an extensive resource list of websites, organizations, and summer programs, this book offers inspiration and tried-and-true strategies for anyone who wishes to return to music-making or begin as an adult.

About the Author

Amy Nathan, an amateur pianist and choral singer, is an award-winning author of nonfiction books for adults and young people, including two music books for Oxford University Press: The Music Parents' Survival Guide: A Parent-to-Parent Conversation and The Young Musician's Survival Guide. Other booksinclude: Meet the Musicians, Meet the Dancers, Round and Round Together, Yankee Doodle Gals, Count On Us, Take a Seat-Make A Stand, and The Kids' Allowance Book. A graduate of Harvard with masters' degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Columbia's Teachers College, she is themother of two musical sons: her older son is composer Eric Nathan; her younger son is a saxophone-playing political scientist.
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ISBN: 9780190611590
ISBN-10: 0190611596
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2018
Pages: 296
Language: English