Relativity (Paperback)

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Regarded as a seminal work in modern physics, Relativity: The Special and General Theory written by one of the world's most brilliant minds encompasses the universe as a whole, and delves into one of the most celebrated scientific theories - the relationship between space and time, and the theory of gravitation.
First published in 1916 by the Nobel Laureate, Einstein's research and theories explain, using minimum of mathematical terms, the basic ideas and principles of the theory which have shaped the world we live in today.
Providing a fresh look at the theory of gravity and promising a new perspective on the universe, this is a book that still remains immensely popular and highly influential giving a rare insight into one of the most beautiful minds of the 20th century.

About the Author

Born on March 14, 1879 at Ulm, in Württemberg, Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. He was conferred the Nobel prize for Physics in 1921 for his work on the photoelectric effect. Einstein is popularly considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century. He passed away on April 18, 1955 at Princeton, New Jersey.
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