With Sarah McNally
Monday, July 9th, 7pm

Armand V

On Monday, July 9th, at 7 p.m., downstairs at 52 Prince Street, join the International Literature Book Club, led by Sarah McNally. We will discuss Armand V. by Norwegian author Dag Solstad, translated by Steven T. Murray.  "If Knausgaard is too cheery for you, then this is just your cup of lutefisk." -- Kirkus Review 


With Javier Molea
Friday, September 7th, 7pm

Aira x 2: La mendiga/ El Santo

"Un talento personalísimo, un arte poderoso y chocante, embargado siempre por un contagioso, obsesivo, irresistible sentimiento de felicidad." Ignacio Echevarría, El País






at McNally Williamsburg

Thursday, July 5th,  7pm


Wall Street used to be a wall protecting the Dutch city from Lenape attacks? New York Times staff defended its headquarters with gatling guns during the draft riots? A Bowery tattoo artist adapted an obscure Edison invention into the first electric tattoo gun?

This city, with its centuries of struggle and ambition, squatting and racketeering, backstabbing and palmgreasing, is knee-deep in history, even as rapacious development tries to erase it. Everywhere we turn, layers of this turbulent past hide in plain sight, waiting to tell us about the past and fire our imaginations about the future.


This week we will be discussing The Age of Innocence.