With Sarah McNally
Monday, Nov. 5th, 7pm

A Life 

On Monday, Nov. 5th, at 7 p.m., downstairs at 52 Prince Street, join the International Literature Book Club, led by Sarah McNally.  We will discuss A Life by Italian author Italo Svevo, translated by Archibald Colquhoun. (PRINCE STREET)

The artistic aspirations of the protagonist and the emptiness of his daily life become tragic in the great divide between what he wants and what he actually has and gets. 



With Javier Molea
Friday, November 2nd, 7pm


Fiesta en la madriguera, de Juan Pablo Villalobos (México(PRINCE STREET)

"Un breve y magistral debut que convierte la novela de narcos en virtuosismo narrativo" (Matías Néspolo, El Mundo).

"En medio de esta especie de boom de la llamada narcoliteratura, Villalobos ha logrado no caer en el moralismo con la voz de ese niño, extraña y cruel en su inocencia" (Gabriela Wiener, Blog El País).

"Una novela corta de una loca originalidad que hiela la sangre" (VSD)






at McNally Williamsburg

Thursday, August 2nd,  7pm

This week we will be discussing the second half of Dawn Powell's Turn, Magic Wheel.

"Each chapter slips us into the consciousness and conversation of a group of worldly, needy New Yorkers, and keeps them afloat on the sounds and sensations, the dash, squalor and ugly beauty of the city." —Margo Jefferson, The New York Times