McNally Jackson is thrilled to present a selection of staff picks from our friends at Aperture.
Aperture is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to creating insight, community, and understanding through photography.
Enjoy this curated selection of monographs, surveys, and art writing, accompanied by some really excellent novels.



chosen by Noa Lin, Editorial Assistant

"Brooklyn-based publisher Primary information has created a stunning archive of Newspaper, originally a short-form, image-only, newsprint publication from the late 1960’s edited by Peter Hujar, Steve Lawrence, and Andrew Ullrick. While widely unknown, the original publication contained offbeat contributions from major artists like Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, and Andy Warhol, among many others, who used Newspaper as a platform to freely publish different kinds of work outside of the gallery context. The entire fourteen-issue run of Newspaper is republished in this fantastic volume, and is a kaleidoscopic collection of photographs, drawings, collages, and more."



Swimming in the Dark: A Novel

chosen by Brendan Embser, Senior Editor

"Possibly the most sultry queer summer romance since Call Me By Your Name, Thomas Jedrowski’s Swimming in the Dark is a brilliant evocation of 1980s Poland and the ways that friendship and loyalty are tested by the currents of sex and politics."





All That Man Is: A Novel

chosen by Brendan Embser, Senior Editor

"David Szalay said he wanted to test a new form for the novel when he wrote All That Man Is—a capacious look at contemporary manhood in Europe through nine, seemingly unrelated sections devoted to men from the ages of seventeen to severity-three—and his exacting observations about money, travel, and desire signal the hallmarks of a classic."





Ari Marcopoulos: Zines

chosen by Richard Gregg, Sales Director

"Ari Marcopoulos has published nearly three-hundred books in his lifetime, so the zine is a natural outlet for gathering thoughts and attempting to organize the thousands of photographs he makes in any given month. Zines puts Ari’s personal and near-compulsive zine-making practice on full display, presented in chronological order and organized by year, including the lockdowns during 2020 when he was only working digitally and making PDF zines. Complete with a winding and fascinating interview between Ari and Hamza Walker and an essay by Maggie Nelson (yes, that Maggie Nelson!)"


The San Quentin Project

chosen by Richard Gregg, Sales Director

"One of my favorite Aperture books is The San Quentin Project. This work was first published in the Prison Nation issue of our quarterly magazine back in 2018, and then later developed into an expanded book project. Here Nigel Poor (co-founder of the hit podcast Ear Hustle) walks us through her years of teaching a history of photography class at San Quentin State Prison, and shows us how integrating a huge archive of photographs (taken within San Quentin during a former era) into the class provided a new opportunity for all involved to share their stories and reflections on incarceration. This is a uniquely enlightening book!"



Farah Al Qasimi: Hello Future

chosen by Varun Nayar, Associate Managing Editor

"Farah Al Qasimi is a world builder, and there's no better place to see her sweeping and singular vision than in her debut monograph. In Hello Future, she uses vibrant and precisely calibrated scenes to interpret the surreal pace at which the Persian Gulf (and her home city of Abu Dhabi) has transformed since the 1990s. From this mix of distinct cultural references, capitalist excess, and mutating and migrating traditions, Al Qasimi creates a new visual language that is entirely her own."




The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida

chosen by Varun Nayar, Associate Managing Editor

"At the heart of Shehan Karunatilaka’s Booker Prize-winning satirical novel is a box of images made in the 1980s, shortly after the outbreak of Sri Lanka’s civil war. Their owner is also the book’s eponymous protagonist, a photojournalist who wakes up dead at the beginning of the story. Through Maali’s search for his photographs in the afterlife––“photos that will bring down governments”––Karunatilaka complicates the power of images in exposing violent realities, and the pernicious role of institutions that seek to coopt and corrupt their meaning."




What's Ours

chosen by Alex Schlechter, Education and Public Programs Coordinator

"Myriam Boulos’ What’s Ours is a stunningly intimate visual diary of the artist’s family and friends that captures a community in revolution. Providing us with her unflinching perspective of life as a young person in Beirut, this book is sure to become a classic within the canon and history of photography."




Strange Hours: Photography, Memory, and the Lives of Artists

chosen by Alex Schlechter, Education and Public Programs Coordinator

"Through a series of thoughtful essays and interviews, Rebecca Bengal takes a close look at the photographers who have defined our relationship to the medium. Strange Hours functions both as a crash course and a deep dive into the history and importance of photography."