Dear readers,

Covid-19 has eroded the scope of our lives, and politics has desecrated our peace of mind, but one happy fact of 2020 is that nothing has robbed us of the sublime pleasure of deep reading. Books form a barricade which the brutal world cannot break. We are grateful to writers everywhere, for building and defending our inner lives, and we are grateful to all the customers who believe in the work we do as professional readers. To all of you big-hearted enough to shop indie for the holidays, we feel compelled to remind you that everything will be harder this year. There will be lines. Shipping might be slower than usual. Let us help you find gifts early. The earlier the better. There are some wonderful books out this year, it was hard to wrangle our holiday catalog down to a manageable size. But here it is! If you need more ideas, come see us at one of our four locations, or call us at (718)-422-7780, or email us at

Thank you for your support during this dark year.