Our Publishing Packages

We're proud to offer six setup packages, designed to meet a wide variety of printing and publishing needs. Click on the packages below for more details, or to purchase. Please note that print costs are separate from setup fees. We also offer a la carte design & layout services.

If you're a small press or a magazine looking to print with us, please contact us directly at bookmachine@mcnallyjackson.com. Perfect GiftPersonal ProjectPrint Ready ProPrince StreetMcNally JacksonQuill and LeafImage HTML map generator


In addition to your setup package, we charge a print cost for each book printed, to cover the ink, paper, and glue.

Print costs are based on page count.

Each book costs $7.00, plus $0.03 per page.

So, a 100-page book costs $10.00 to print.

$7.00 + ($0.03 x 100) = $10.00

Don't feel like doing any math right now (we understand!)? This chart should give you an idea of how much your book will cost to print.

Number of Pages 50100 150
200 250 300350
Print Cost
$8.50 $10.00 $11.50 $13.00 $14.50 $16.00 $17.50 $19.00 $20.50 $22.00 $23.50 $25.00 $26.50 $28.00 $29.50 $31.00
We also offer bulk discounts. If you're printing 50 copies or more, you get 10% off your print costs. 100 copies or more? 15% off.

Questions? We're happy to add it all up for you. Email us at bookmachine@mcnallyjackson.com.



Cover Design & Page Design Services

We offer a variety of pre-designed covers and pages for you to choose from. Please click here for more information.

Author Revisions - $19 per upload

If you've opted for one of our publishing packages and have already used your free upload of revisions, you may send us new files and have your work updated on our machine for $19, any time you notice a missing comma or an out-of-date reference -- so your book can always be printed off in its latest incarnation.

ISBN & Bar Code - $75

An ISBN isn't necessary to sell your book in McNally Jackson or on your own website, but if you want the freedom to distribute your work through other traditional bookselling channels, you'll probably need an ISBN. And even though we're a "publisher" in only the loosest sense of the word, we can still purchase ISBNs in bulk, at publishers' rates. What does this mean for you? A 50% savings!

PDF Alterations - $10-$30, depending on their level of complexity

Sometimes .pdf files need fixes before they can go to print. If this is the case with your files, we'll let you know before we proceed.