IN A NUTSHELL: In order to print a book on our fabulous book machine, your book needs to be in two separate PDF files - one consisting of the complete cover (front, spine, and back), and one consisting of all the pages of your book.

FOR THE INTERIOR: Your book will be trimmed to the size of the PDF pages (a.k.a. your “trim size.) The maximum page size is 8.25” wide by 10.5” high. The minimum page size is 4.5” wide by 5” high. Your interior file must have at least 40 pages, and no more than 800 pages. Your PDF must be formatted as individual pages, not spreads. We recommend at least .75” margins on all sides. Interiors print in black and white only.

FOR THE COVER: Your cover should be centered on a 17”x11” page and should include, from left to right, the back cover, spine, and front cover images. Your front and back covers will be the same size as your book pages. To calculate the width of your spine, divide your final page count by 434. You should also include a .25” bleed on all sides of your cover image.
Need a bit more detailed information about how to set up your files for proper printing, how to set up a traditional-looking book format, and how we can help you with the process? Please follow the links below.