ReadyMade 100 Project Manual

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ReadyMade 100 Project Manual

Dear makers. Sweet crafters. Hello all you pastel-lovers with too many vintage lightbulbs and an obsession with screwdrivers. The fine folks at ReadyMade--perhaps the most Brooklyn of magazines being published in Iowa--have just held a contest to celebrate 100 ingenious and beautiful DIY projects submitted to their host of savvy judges. But as it happens, 100 great design projects is 75 design projects too many to fit into the pages of their beautiful monthly magazine. 

With that in mind Andrew Wagner, editor of ReadyMade, turned to us and our new Espresso Book Machine. What better way, he reasoned, and we agreed, to feature the work of these innovative designers than to print off copies, as needed, on what is essentially a boutique printing press. 

We're proud to offer this supplement to Readymade Magazine, the Readymade 100 Project Manual. Inside you'll find 100 snippets of DIY genius, from recipes to furniture to, yes, vintage light bulbs, every page printed and bound on our Espresso Book Machine. You order it, we print it, you build it. You build its? I don't know, maybe grammar can't contain all of these cool projects. Just get going. 

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Because the ReadyMade 100 is printed just for you, please allow an extra 3-5 business days for your order to ship. 

Price: $15.00