Deb Perelman's Smitten Kitchen (Signed by Deb)

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Photo by Elizabeth Bick

Smitten Kitchen—our single favorite food blog—is now a book. But not just any book: no, no, this is a book so rife with great recipes and a love of satisfying home-cookery, it's hard to believe Deb managed to fit it all in. If this book were a tablespoon, it would be a heaping tablespoon. If it were a pinch, it would be a generous pinch. 

What's more, Deb has generously offered to come by McNally Jackson and sign copies. Would you like yours personalized? Would you like it to say, perhaps, "Henry, you are no longer allowed Hot Pockets by decree of Deb Perelman."? Simply write your message in the field below.

Deb stops by the store once every month or two so please plan ahead if you have a special day in mind.

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