And She Was signed & personalized by author Jessica Verdi

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Author Jessica Verdi will be celebrating the release of her exceptional new novel And She Was at McNally Jackson Monday, March 26th at 7pm in our downstairs events space at the Prince Street location. If you are unable to attend the event but would like to order a copy of the book signed by the author and personalized to the human or entity of you choosing, you can do so via the very webpage before your eyes. Please contact with any questions about your signed book order. 

Dara's lived a sheltered life with her single mom, Mellie. Now, at eighteen, she's dreaming of more. When Dara digs up her never-before-seen birth certificate, her world implodes. Why are two strangers listed as her parents?

Dara confronts her mother, and is stunned by what she learns: Mellie is transgender. The unfamiliar name listed under "father"? That's Mellie. She transitioned when Dara was a baby, after Dara's birth mother died. She changed her name, started over.

But Dara still has more questions than answers. Reeling, she sets off on an impromptu road trip with her best guy friend, Sam, in tow. She is determined to find the extended family she's never even met. What she does discover -- and what her mother reveals, piece by piece, over emails -- will challenge and change Dara more than she can imagine.

This is a gorgeous, timely, and essential novel about the importance of being our true selves. The back matter includes an author's note and resources for readers.

Jessica Verdi is the author of My Life After Now, The Summer I Wasn't Me, and What You Left Behind. She is a graduate of The New School's MFA in Writing for Children program and lives in New York. You can find her online at