Public Domain Print-on-Demand

"Public Domain" means, essentially, "out of copyright." Current copyright law states that a book falls into the public domain 70 years after the death of the author (in most cases).

Most of the public domain content we print on the book machine comes to us courtesy of Google Books, though we can also print from other public domain sources. If you find a book available for free download through Google books, it means it's in the public domain.


Most available public domain works were created by scanning the source material. This means they will print exactly as you see them on the screen -- handwriting, library markings, and the thumbs of hapless scanning technicians included. We do not have the ability to fix any such blemishes, so we encourage customers to preview the files before ordering to confirm you find the overall quality of the scan acceptable.

Trim sizes of books printed from Google vary, as they are based on the size of the original volume.

Because the book machine can only print black-and-white interiors, any color images within the book will print in black and white.

No matter what the cover looks like on the Google page, all public domain books printed on the book machine print with a standard template cover. We like it. It looks like this: Google Cover 

If you have any questions about a public domain title you'd like to print, or want a second opinion on the quality of the scans involved, email us at

You can search for a public domain book to be printed on our book machine below. We aim to fill POD orders within 48 hours if at all possible; if it's not possible, we'll let you know.

We recommend cross-referencing your choice in Google Books, where you can preview the entire text of public domain titles, to ensure the scan's quality meets your expectations.