Young Readers' Signed Book Offers

"Lockhart'll sign anything if it stands still long enough."

-Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets 

Whether you're working towards a degree in forensic handwriting analysis or looking to expand your autographed book collection, we've got your back. Our current Middle Grade and Young Adult signed book offers are detailed below. All authors are happy to personalize a signed copy to the human being of your choosing; you'll be given the opportunity to specify exactly which human that is during the online ordering process. If you have questions about our signed book program, please contact


Greenglass House by Kate Milford. As lucky as we are to have Kate as a bookseller, we are even luckier to have her as the author of the best middle grade novel of 2014. At press time, Kate is a National Book Award nominee, Edgar Award nominee, Nebula Award nominee, and an exceptional juggler (literally. She used to work at a Renaissance Faire, because of course she did). Place your order for a signed & personalized copy of Greenglass House at any time, and we’ll happily get it to you.  





We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach. On sale 3/24/15. A book you’ll want to spend your last night on earth with. Tommy will be at the bookstore on 3/21/15 as a part of the NYC Teen Author Festival, and we’re thrilled to be hosting the first event for this outstanding debut novel. Orders for signed copies can be placed via our website










 Gone Crazy in Alabama by Rita Williams-Garcia. On sale 4/21/15. The medal count on Rita Williams-Garcia’s books has reached Olympic levels; we’re running out of kids’ book awards to give her, and for good reason. Rita personal sorcery is writing books that are so relevant and still so timeless, books that resonate with readers today as much as they will with your great-grandchildren. We’ll be launching Gone Crazy in Alabama, companion book to One Crazy Summer and PS Be Eleven, with Rita on 4/21/15. Please place your order for a signed copy by 4/16/15.




The Cost of All Things by Maggie Lehrman. On sale 5/12/15. What would you give for the one change you want more than anything, and would the price you pay be worth it? Exquisitely plotted and masterfully written, The Cost of All Things is easily the best YA debut of 2015. Says author Lauren Myracle: "“The most creepily awesome cautionary tale EVER. Magic—or hekame—does exist, and wishes can be granted. . . but always at a cost. Brilliant, provocative, and absolutely spellbinding.” We’re honored to be hosting Maggie for her first launch event on 5/12/15. Orders for signed copies can be placed at any time.  



The Hunted by Matt de la Pena. On sale 5/12/15. Matt’s connection with teenage readers is unparalleled, both through his writing and his tireless personal outreach to students. Critically acclaimed across all arenas of children’s and young adult literature and literacy and beloved by readers of every age, Matt has been, quietly and unassumingly, setting the gold standard for what a children’s author should be for years now. On 5/14/15 we’ll be celebrating The Hunted, Matt’s follow-up to The Living, here at the bookstore. Please place your order for a signed copy by 5/11/15.




Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel. On sale 6/2/15. Lena and Aubrey don’t have much in common when they first meet at a funeral… aside from the fact that they were both dating the deceased, and neither knew the other existed. Anne Heltzel’s takes her characters, and her readers, on a breathless and thrilling journey across continents in persuit of the truth. Anne, presumed alive, will be appearing at McNally Jackson on 6/2. Please place any signed copy orders by 5/25/15. 





Skyscraping by Cordelia Jensen. On sale 6/2/15. Says Kirkus Reviews: “Jensen’s spare free-verse poems and accessible imagery realistically portray the fraught moments of adolescent identity formation with great empathy. Compelling snapshots of contemporary family drama and the AIDS epidemic as captured through a teen’s eyes." Cordelia’s McNally Jackson author event is on 6/9/15. Please place your signed copy order by 6/4/15. 






Those Girls by Lauren Saft. On sale 6/9/15. It’s different for girls, and Lauren Saft knows it. Those Girls is equal parts gritty and gorgeous, with masterfully nuanced characters that each have their own way of haunting you. Lauren will be at McNally Jackson to celebrate the release of Those Girls on 6/18/15. Please place your signed book order by 6/15/15. 








Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten. On sale 7/7/15. Meet Lynn Weingarten, your new hero of realistic YA fiction. Find a buddy before you start reading Suicide Notes, because you’ll definitely need someone to talk you down after reading the last, incredible page of this excellent novel. Lynn will be appearing at McNally Jackson on 7/13/15; please place signed book orders by 7/8/15.







 Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith. On sale 9/1/15. Ask us to assign reading to the 15 year old girls of the world and the first name you’ll hear in response is Jen Smith. Orders can be placed for signed copies of Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between at any time. Please be advised that they will not ship out until after the book releases in September. 







Tonight the Streets are Ours by Leila Sales. On sale 9/15/15. The often-imitated, never-replicated Leila Sales will be at the store on 9/17 in honor of the release of her latest rockin’ novel, Tonight the Streets are Ours. Please place your order for a signed book by 9/12/15