Staff Favorites


Fear and loathing on Sesame Street: Your child's introduction to philosophy starring Grover as existential archetype. Are we not all monsters at the end of our own books?


Despite competition from shady neighborhood thug Wikipedia Brown, our boy EB is still exactly as awesome as he was when you were in elementary school. Anyone who makes it a decade on this earth without knowing this series should be held back from turning 11 until the situation is remedied.


"Once upon a time, fairy tales were awesome." And gory, and irreverent, and hilarious, and completely original in the hands of debut author Adam Gidwitz. Great as a solo read or read-aloud for ages 10 and up, or for anyone who likes their fairy tales with an abundance of death and dismemberment.


Avatar meets Michael Crichton meets Lost meets State of Wonder for teens. A girl genetically engineered for immortality considers destroying the generations of biological research that went in to her creation after finding out just how much has been sacrificed in the name of science by those responsible for her life.