We can’t help you write it, but we can help make your book beautiful, inside and out. Whether you need just a simple text-based cover design for your thesis, or a complete interior layout for your memoir, our Self-Publishing department can help you select the right design for your book.
If you want to try your hand at designing the inside of your book yourself, we say: go for it! We’ve written a comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Guide available for free download here. Don’t feel up to doing it yourself? No problem. We’re happy to offer a solution. We offer affordable in-house design services for books of prose (novels, short stories, essays, memoirs) and simple poetry books. We offer several templates in two standard book sizes (5.125” x 8” and 6” x 9”) for you to choose from. Our designs include all the standard page elements - title page, copyright page, table of contents, running heads, pagination, part titles, chapter heads, acknowledgments, and an About the Author page - and you can pick and choose among them as your book requires. If your book requires a higher degree of customization (such as cookbooks, genealogical books, art books, or books of poetry that will require a more non-traditional format) and you want assistance, we recommend contacting a freelance designer.
HOW IT WORKS: Once you’ve selected your template, we will place your Microsoft Word, Open Office, Google doc, or rich text file (unfortunately, we cannot work with WordPerfect files at this time) into the design you choose. We then go page by page through your entire book to make sure it looks beautiful. Our base design fees also include placement of up to 5 photos in your book. Additional photo placement may be purchased separately. Because of the labor involved, interior design usually takes about a month. Once we’ve completed your book design , we will give you an unbound set of your pages for you to review. After you've marked any edits on those pages and returned them to us, we will input them into the file before printing. You may submit up to 50 line edits. Additional edits will be charged at our hourly rate ($40.) Once you have your bound proof copy in hand, you'll have one more opportunity to check your manuscript, and to make any minor changes that do not alter the page flow of the book. Upon request, after completion of the interior page design, we will give you the final inDesign file and the final PDF, so you can use them anywhere else you need to.
PRICE: Interior design is included in the Quill & Leaf publishing package, or may be purchased a la carte with rates starting at $250. Please see our price list for full details.