To Wake the Shadows by Hannah Kollef

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To Wake the Shadows
Mary Margaret is not having a good year. The trouble begins on her fifteenth birthday, when she is attacked by a demon made of shadows. Soon after, she becomes plagued by prophetic dreams. Her grandmother suffers a devastating heart attack. And, as if that isn't enough to worry about, something evil is stirring in her basement, waiting for the opportunity to strike.
To combat these evil forces, Mary Margaret's cousin, Andy, contacts Emmeline, a powerful psychic from the South. Together the trio fends off violent, shadow-infected attackers and attempts to cast the darkness out of Mary's house. Just when they seem to be winning, Mary's boyfriend stumbles into this mess, and things become really complicated.
Written in the tradition of the Southern Gothic with a modern paranormal twist, To Wake the Shadows is part horror novel, part family drama, and part coming of age story. Not recommended to be read alone, late at night, when you can hear the floorboards creaking...
261 Pages
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