The Paris of Fashion Insiders

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Paris Guide

Unfortunately, this book is no longer available as a print-on-demand item from our book machine. But don't fret! This title has been acquired by ABRAMS, who will be publishing a lovely, expanded, hardcover edition in May. You can preorder this edition here: The Fashion Insiders' Guide to Paris.

Psst... Pass it on! Fashion Insiders Guide to the best of 2012: tips & places to hang out with the fashion insiders of Paris. Where to eat steamed vegetables with the greatest designers on view? Who is the Pilates coach of these exquisitely slim editrix? Where to dry-clean safely this delicate silk embroidered dress?  

Learn all about the cute salons of tea, the fashion-approved hair-stylists, trendy acupuncturists, private pedicures, secret or legendary cocktail bars. All approved and frequented by the most stylish & fun people of Paris.
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Cover art: Caroline Andrieu.
All proceeds go to "It Gets Better", a campaign to give hope to LGBT youth.

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