Overcast by Mark Jabbour

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Deep in the canyons and fissures of your mind reside the secrets of your attractions. In this tender, funny, sad and brutal love story, two unforgettable characters, an old man and a young woman, will compel you to examine your own story. Part psychological romantic drama and part academic inquiry, Overcast takes place in the contemporary rural and rugged, beautiful American West, and explores the universal question: Who are you?
Mark Jabbour studied Anthropology, Psychology and Social Work at Colorado State University, Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Denver University. His first novel, Attachment: a novel of war and peace, is the story of Joe Burns before he met Sunshine and came to Colorado. It takes place mostly on the central Oregon coast at the time of the 2004 presidential election; and it examines the impact of the Iraq war, and all wars, on the human psyche and relationships. Mark taught creative writing at Front Range Community College, and lives in Westminster, Colorado.
294 Pages
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