One Week in LA by Kody Christiansen

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Hollywood Heartbreak New York Dreams
"One Week in LA" continues the captivating journey Kaleb began in "Hollywood Heartbreak | New York Dreams." This is a story of what happens AFTER you take a chance on yourself and sobriety becomes your way of life. It is a story of redemption, both for Kaleb and the City of Angels.
How do you face the demons that chased you away from the place you once called paradise? How do you return to a city over indulgence nearly drove you to suicide? Will friends who abandoned you in your darkest hours now welcome you with open arms? Will the entertainment industry bring you back into the fold after you squandered so many opportunities under the influence of drugs and alcohol? And most importantly, will you face the famous rock star who betrayed you and drove you to flee to New York City? These are the haunting questions Kaleb answers in "One Week in LA."
One week is a short span of time, but for Kaleb, it's enough time to live a year's worth of experiences, including being at the center of a celebrity gossip scandal involving pop superstar Justin Bieber.
"One Week in LA" proves you CAN go home again, especially when you're both sober and reflective. Armed with the life-changing lessons he learned in New York City, Kaleb takes us back to La La Land with a clarity and peace he never knew before. Magic is in the air, but will LA become the place where dreams really do come true and heartbreak can be healed? Only time will tell and he has only one week in LA.
210 Pages
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