nomadic sojourns journal (Edited by J.K. Fowler, Annual, Volume I, 2012)

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Nomadic Sojourns
A movement-themed annual journal with contributors writing from a myriad of fields. This year's topics: the philosophy of walking, psychedelics and consciousness, Kundalini Yoga and consciousness, dance photography, dream and nightmare, a shaman's journey, help, anthropology and Guyana, short fiction in India, classical music, and the hidden movement within literature. 

From the back cover: 

Born as dream, as trickle down reveries of sand dunes and parted ways. Of new relations, those past and gone; life of love, death of parting ways. Of wings spread distant, of the omnipresent and illusory hope that something new, something different awaits. Through literature and the subterranean darkened tracks of dream, weaved in tendrils of anthropological stratum and amorphous musical renderings and along pathways worn anew by philosopher’s troddings and flickerings of consciousness awakened, nomadic sojourns journal approaches the exploration of movement as child through the vistas of philosophy, literature, music, dream, consciousness, photography, anthropology, poverty, and aid. 

We are born of movement, seek movement to offer our lives change, require movement to maintain the illiusion of sanity, call upon movement to move our bodies through space and time to arrivals. We return. We go. We are composed, and constituent, of movement; we long for it when our capability to acheive it is lost and dream of stillness after having moved too much. 

The first annual volume of nomadic sojourns journal offers an opening as becoming, as possibility of what may come. 

And to that, we move. 


Founder and Editor: J.K. Fowler
Cover Design: Jaki Bradley
2012 Contributors: Eric Anthamatten, Asha Man, Gia Rapasadi, Paula Lobo, J.K. Fowler, Carlos C.L. Graham, Mary K. Ryan, Rachel Signer, Ashwin Parulkar, Jason Wirth, and Shaun Randol.
Literary Journal - 160 pages  
6.1875" x 9.375"  
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