Mila's War by Kathrin Perutz

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"[Perutz] can create a living character in a few lines." -New York Times Book Review
Mila Strassberg is getting old. At her Assisted Living home outside Washington, D.C., she is visited by her niece Andrea, who is aware of Mila's appalling past. Unable to protect her from memories, Andrea is relieved to learn about her aunt's "program," which only Mila can see or hear, made up of mini-drama, soaps, courtroom scenes and other entertainments, all containing the elements that have shaped Mila's life. The people, incidents, and events of history appear in new shapes and contexts, transforming the past to Mila's delight. Hearing these stories and reflecting on their true origin, Andrea comes to realize how she, her family, and her generation have all been molded by the same history.
Mila's War is based on the actual life of a woman who survived the unthinkable and is finally rescued from memory by the wonders of her own imagination.
218 Pages
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