Melancholia: Hinge as Innominate Limina by Will Alexander, Heller Levinson, Linda Lynch, and Mary Newell

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Melancholia: Hinge as Innominate Limina is the second multi-participant exfoliation of Heller Levinson’s Hinge Theory. The four contributors, diverse in gender, ethnicity, location, and artistic medium, bring an intensity of flare to meet the melancholic certainty of transience and express its ongoing exfoliations in varied but confluent sonorities. The collaboration includes two poetic essays and four drawings by Will Alexander; a section of Hinge Poetics by Heller Levinson; integrated poem/drawings by Levinson and visual artist Linda Lynch; and a meditation on the “Shades of Melancholy” focusing on Emily Dickinson, by Mary Newell. 
Will Alexander, the recent winner of the Jackson Prize (2016), is a poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, and visual artist from The City of Angels. See
Heller Levinson’s most recent publication is Wrack Lariat (Black Widow Press, 2015). A New York resident, Levinson originated Hinge Theory, introduced on his website,
Linda Lynch, a visual artist, lives and works in New Mexico. Her work is in numerous private and public collections including the Museum of Modern Art. See
Mary Newell, Ph. D. lives in the lower Hudson Valley. She has taught literature and writing at the college level and published essays, reviews, and poems. See
111 Pages 
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