The Manhattan of Fashion Insiders

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Never Mind NYC 

Manhattan of Fashion Insiders

Unfortunately, this book is no longer available as a print-on-demand item from our book machine. But don't fret! This title has been acquired by ABRAMS, who will be publishing a lovely, expanded, hardcover edition in May. You can preorder this edition here: The Fashion Insiders' Guide to New York.

After our Paris of Fashion Insiders, here's the logical next step: Fashion Insiders Guide - Manhattan! This time, our New York friends share their best tips & haunts, to make sure that you'll find the right service and the most stylish places, even during a short stay.

While you're in town, why not catch up with some of the latest trends? Raw restaurants & casual diners, juice gurus & compelling Japanese cantinas, inventive yogis & inspired healers, no frills Asian massages & cosmetic acupuncture... All approved by the most knowledgeable people in Manhattan.

Cover Art: The Selby; Back Cover Art: Caroline Andrieu. Includes a map specially designed by Red Maps.

All proceeds go to "It Gets Better", a campaign to give hope to LGBT youth.

Coming next: The Brooklyn of Fashion Insiders.

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Travel, 112 Pages


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