The Kairos Mechanism by Kate Milford (Standard Price)

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The Kairos Mechanism

When two boys walk into town bearing the corpse of a man who disappeared half a century ago, it doesn't take Natalie Minks long to find herself entangled in the mission that has brought them to Arcane with their grisly burden--a task which somehow involves the mysterious Simon Coffrett. Meanwhile, a vicious peddler named Trigemine waits with terrible and deadly penalties at the ready, should Natalie and her new friends fail.

 Praise for The Kairos Mechanism: 

"Youthful corpses, smooth talking villains, war, fate, and the occasional odd albatross...for readers left gasping and grasping after the marvelous The Boneshaker comes a sequel that's every bit as crisp and scintillating as its predecessor, with marvelous prose and even better characters. I'm torn between wishing I lived in Arcane and offering thanks to every god in creation that I'm safe merely reading about it instead." --Elizabeth Bird, NYPL youth collections specialist & author of A Fuse 8 Production blog 

"Milford's Arcane stands at the crossroads of eerieness and adventure. Every visit begins with the best kind of shivery dread and ends with the fun of watching Natalie gin up her courage to tackle whatever stands in her way." --Rachel Swirsky, Nebula Award-winning author of The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Beneath the Queen's Window
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Fiction/Young Adult
165 pages


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