Hollywood Heartbreak | New York Dreams by Kody Christiansen

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Hollywood Heartbreak New York Dreams
"Dreams can often turn into heartbreak. Just ask Kaleb, a renowned female illusionist whose tumultuous journey from Texas to New York to Hollywood, and back again, serves as the catalyst for this tragic but ultimately inspiring true story.
Appearing on national television as his alter ego “Sarah Summers,” Kaleb immerses himself in the Hollywood celebrity culture, including heavy drug and alcohol abuse. He uses his talents to beguile women while confusing men. When he falls in love with a famous rock star, his world is turned upside down.
Every peak Kaleb reaches in the entertainment world is followed by stumbles into many self-imposed despairing valleys.
A series of tragic events sends him back to New York where his world becomes even darker and more ominous as this once enchanting creature turns into a homeless alcoholic struggling through New York City’s shelter system.
Kaleb’s determination to turn his life around and resurrect his entertainment career is hard fought and awe inspiring." This is the true story of my life. Some names have been changed to protect those involved.
404 Pages
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