Grandmoo Goes to Rehab by Jerome D. Levin, Ph.D.

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Grandmoo Goes to Rehab

Grandmoo Goes to Rehab is primarily aimed at children 7-12 whose parents have problems with alcohol or drugs. It illustrates what an addiction is, how it develops, and what it does to both the addict and the people who love him or her. Grandmoo Goes to Rehab goes on to describe what needs to be done and offers hope as the reader shares Grandmoo's recovery.

Grandmoo Goes to Rehab is also a useful parable of addiction and recovery for adults, providing insight into both those suffering from addiction and those involved with them. Grandmoo Goes to Rehab can also serve as an educational text in such settings as the classroom, giving young people awareness of and insight into the pervasive and devastating illness of addiction. Psychotherapists working with addiction will find it particularly useful.

Although Grandmoo Goes to Rehab deals with a serious topic, its presentation is light, even playful, and it is fun to read.

Written in collaboration with Sara Zarem Levin, Ph.D., with illustrations by Emma Wasielke.

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