Geek to Guitar Hero by Alex Skolnick

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From Geek to Guitar Hero"Here is an honest, raw, articulate story of a life whose problems were forged in the crucible of music into something triumphant." -Bradford Morrow, 'The Diviner's Tale'  & 'The Uninnocent'

"Skolnick's words are eloquent and insightful--and frequently entertaining. Geek is an engaging read,'s fearless." -The Village Voice

"Skolnick is a searching, opinionated and fearless thinker." -Ned Vizzini, 'It's Kind of a Funny Story'  & 'The Other Normals'

An awkward, introverted child growing up in 1970s' Berkeley, Alex is misunderstood by his family and taunted mercilessly by classmates. Suffering from a paralyzing lack of confidence, his existence is made tolerable when he discovers the rock band, KISS, which inspires him to learn guitar.

Auditioning for a band at 16, he defies his Ivy League parents' rigid academic expectations by hitting the road with some of the biggest bands in metal. As his own band, Testament, rises through the ranks the world begins to take notice of the young guitar prodigy who, despite being fawned over by fans, still feels the ghosts of his past. Soon, a blooming interest in jazz and literature reshapes his values, bringing accolades from the media but causing tension within his inner circle. These events make him realize that the metal scene in which he sought freedom is fraught with perils, while the education he'd fiercely resisted can be invaluable when sought on one's own terms.

Memoir, 388 pages  

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