Four Kings: a novel by MD Elster

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Four Kings
New Orleans, 1945. After a terrible hurricane devastates the city, sixteen-year-old Anaïs Reynard wakes up in an asylum with a case of amnesia. Dr. Waters, the hospital's director, vows to help Anaïs recover her memories - this is of the utmost importance, he tells her, because Anais is the sole witness to a horrific crime. On the night of the hurricane, her stepfather and only living guardian was shot. A young black man has been arrested, and Anaïs finds herself under pressure from the district attorney to testify. Anaïs wants to help, but a strange feeling nags at her. She isn't entirely sure the accused is guilty, and she doesn't know who she can trust
Then, one night, she receives an eerie, surreal visit from a dapper man with the head of a fox who entrusts her with an ornate key that unlocks a secret door to the land of the Four Kings. Like Alice before her, Anaïs follows this curiously genteel animal down the rabbit hole to discover a magical yet fraught world of not-quite-human creatures. As Anaïs navigates the political minefields of each king's court - Raven, Lion, Snake, and Unicron - her bravery and resolve are tested.
With each shocking twist and turn, and as fantasy and reality blur, Anaïs begins to unlock the riddle of her own memories, a trail that leads from Nazi-occupied Europe and her mother all the way to post-war New Orleans, and the very night her stepfather was shot.
434 Pages
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