Departure by Janet McMahon

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"A lot of people come to Greece to find their identity," says Ellen. "Not me," says Hannah, "I came here to lose it."
Hannah, a political consultant, and her enigmatic husband Zeke try a risky experiment: they quit their jobs, sell all they own and parachute themselves into the unknown, chaotic landscape of Greece in the 1980s. It's just a few years after Greece has joined Europe, and decades before finding itself in the economic and political doghouse. This is the story of Hannah's discoveries of Greek culture, ancient and modern, and of what she learns about herself and her American past.
Why are you leaving, everyone wanted to know. I didn't care to tell the truth: that I wished to travel to a place where I would truly be lost. I wished to be wrong, misguided and under an erroneous impression. I had a powerful urge to absent myself without any foreshadowing illusions as to the consequences. I wanted to go on a voyage, but not necessarily a voyage from which you send postcards.
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Janet McMahon is the author of Rosie Ipecac: The Paris Years, also printed at McNally Jackson.
288 Pages
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